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Single Ply

We specialise in Single Ply membranes and are approved contractors with a number of well known brands including Alwitra, Armourplan and Protan.

Single Ply is a flat, predominantly synthetic polymer-based roofing membrane that provides a waterproofing layer in a single sheet.  Single ply roofs are lightweight, flexible, swift to install and safe.  Sealed at the joints with heat welding or solvent welding, it is a membrane with optimum properties, long lasting lifespan and high level of durability.

  • We offer: 

  • Fully adhered with solvent adhesive.  

  • Mechanically fixed.  

  • Heat welded so no open flames.  

  • 20 years guarantee.  

  • Range of colours.


Cold-applied liquid waterproofing.

Liquid waterproofing is the fastest growing market in the roofing sector. We offer experience and expertise in this area with a range of PMMA liquids for all your project needs.
Liquid waterproofing is ideal on projects that restrict using hot works. Speed of application and their seamless nature make them an ideal choice for roofs with multiple penetrations or limited spaces such as balconies.  A very versatile and robust method that can be applied to most substrates making them ideal for refurbishment projects and to meeting any roofing requirements, it's perfect for tighter areas where access is difficult. 
There are many different types of liquid on the market all offering different properties and qualities, we will work with you to find whatever's needed for your project.


Green Roofs

Green roofs are a great way for achieving an aesthetic finish which also meets environmental needs. We have provided many projects with green roofs over the years and have alot of knowledge in the field.

  • We offer:

  • Sedum roofs.

  • Brown roofs.

  • Green roofs.

  • Wild meadow flower roofs.


Pressed Aluminium Metals

Architectural aluminium pressings are often used as a feature, not simply to serve a practical function. Aluminium panels, copings, fascias, column pressings, and guttering can be manufactured to your exact requirements.

-Fascia and soffit pressings

Available in various designs, depending on the project. These pressings are often combined with the gutter detail to compliment the aesthetics of the building.

-Aluminium Copings

A cost efficient alternative to coping stones, architectural aluminium coping are suitable for new and refurbished parapet walls. Available in any colour to complement other pressings, soffits, fascia or cladding system.

-Aluminium gutters

Aluminium gutters are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your requirements. Aluminium sheet is cut, pressed, fabricated and welded to produce lengths of gutter up to 4000mm.

These can be fixed together on site with joint straps. Gutter corners and stop ends can be fabricated with drainage holes and outlets. We also supply gutter brackets, downpipes and associated rainwater products.

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If you have a project you wish us to quote for you, please send an email detailing what services you require and the size of project and a member of our team will get back to you. Thank you.

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